About Us

At Triniti we want to make people aware of the benefits of hemp so that it is grown more widely. Hemp is an extraordinary plant with hundreds of uses, it has strong and versatile properties allowing you to produce anything and everything, from rope to paper to car bodies. Here at Triniti we use hemp to make Yoga mats! We weave the hemp into a Jute and combine it with PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) natural tree rubber to hold the Hemp together making it 100% biodegradable. Fabrics made from hemp do not contain chemical residue as no polymer-based petrochemical materials are used.

Growing hemp has many environmental benefits, it restores soil fertility after agricultural farming has depleted the soil of its nutrients, it absorbs toxic metals in the ground and it prevents pesticide pollution.

Hemp could replace many industries that are currently harming the environment. It can be used to make paper which is stronger and does not require bleaching which would mean that we would no longer have to cut down so many trees for paper. Hemp has been used to make clothes for thousands of years, it requires 5x less water than cotton and is 4x more durable than cotton.

Hemp can even produce biodegradable plastics, this is because it is extremely high in cellulose fibers. This plastic has not been utilized on a large scale due to the high costs related to a plant that is not globally legal. However since the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, part of the 2018 Farm Bill was signed which changed hemp from a controlled substance to an agricultural commodity in the USA, Hemp Bioplastic is likely to increase in popularity.


PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) is used to hold our Hemp Mats together, they are SGS certified and free of lead, cadmium, latex, phthalates, dioxins, furans, heavy metals and harmful toxins. Our mat provides an experience as close to nature as possible and delivers a high-performance mat that is safe, durable, comfortable and reliable.